From the recording Compounded Progression


I just wanna find another way
I just wanna be better than I was yesterday
They ask if I’m okay but I won’t answer the question
They say that growth is manifested by compounded progression
I can’t compile it, I know I'm wildin’
Can’t stay afloat, rocked the boat now I’m drowning
ReeCee or Shauna, the person or persona?
If I keep going I’m a goner!
I’m honored.. to be your inspiration, but who gon influence me?
Serial quitter with a history of truancy
I think my angels really don’t know what to do with me
I’m full of shit they must fed up with the foolery
New actions, the same outcome
Patience leads the greatness, Don’t doubt them
Seeds don’t instantly turn to trees
So Naturally you can’t leave before leaves
I Done paid fees, paid dues, problem is I paid no mind to virtues
Problem is I paid no mind to virtues
I promise that the constant grind gon hurt you
Hurt you